Puga Power is a Naples, Florida based production company specializing in story-driven video content for businesses, events, and families. I am Nick Puga and I serve as a director, producer, actor, and voice-over artist.

My Story

I was on my 16th year of living in Los Angeles with my wife and 2 young kids, working professionally in-front of and behind the camera in the entertainment industry. I had starred in over 100 national & international television commercials, including several high-profile Super Bowl ads, guest-starred on many prime-time hit TV shows, voiced a variety of animated shows, produced a number of episodes of MTV's Emmy Award-winning series True Life, and landed feature film acting credits that include Steven Spielberg's The Terminal & Steven Soderburgh's Ocean's 13

As glamorous as it sounds, I didn't like the lifestyle I was living and providing for my family. The hustle, traffic, and extensive time commitments were eating too much of my family time. Needless to say, I was ready for the next chapter in my career...and life. As my wife and I pondered the most ideal living situation for our kids, it became apparent that more quality time with their grandparents was at the top of the list. That goal became a reality when we moved to Naples in December of 2016 and Puga Power was officially launched in January of 2017.

Having been fortunate enough to work with Hollywood's top film, TV, and commercial directors & producers in both general and Spanish markets, it's been exciting to create engaging commercial campaigns for businesses in our community, capture special moments for families, teach on-camera acting at Naples Performing Arts Center, as well as mentor established & aspiring entrepreneurs who also seek more time flexibility.

I look forward to creating with you!