Hi! I'm Nick Puga and welcome to pugaPOWER!

After spending 16 years in Los Angeles with over 20 years of working professionally in the entertainment business, I was ready for the next chapter in my career. I had starred in over 100 national television commercials including several high-profile Super Bowl ads, guest-starred on many prime-time hit TV shows, voiced a variety of animated shows, produced a number of episodes of MTV's Emmy Award-winning series True Life, and have feature film acting credits that include Steven Spielberg's The Terminal & Steven Soderburgh's Ocean's 13

After starting a family and building a part-time online business with my wife, we were eager to give our kids a lifestyle that included something we never had the privilege of having; quality time with grandparents. That goal became a reality in December of 2016.

Having a unique work experience with Hollywood's top film, tv, and commercial directors & producers, it's been exciting to create engaging marketing videos for small businesses in our community and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs who also also seek time flexibility with their families.