"Team Mega Powers has given me the opportunity to help others see themselves as they are and to help people see themselves better than they are. It has given me the opportunity to become a better friend, coach, speaker, and entrepreneur. This team has become a constant reminder that dreams are possible, goals are attainable. It takes a village they say, this team is that village and so much more."

Andre Gordon - Actor/Director/Producer - Los Angeles, CA


"Team Mega Powers has intimately influenced my personal and professional life. I am learning skills and tools to become my own boss, an entrepreneur and have a positive mindset. My teammates have become my best friends, my confidants. We all strive together for a better life."

Jennifer Emerson - Mom/Fitness Enthusiast - Santa Clarita, CA


"Nick Puga and Team Mega Powers have been amazing to me. They have shown me how to become a leader, dedication to task, and above all else the bar will be set high and you will meet it. Nick is a wonderful, highly motivated, refreshing individual and I love working with him."

Harry Ketchel - Aircraft Maintenance/Flying - Charleston, SC



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