"Working with Nick Puga on my feature film 'After the Wedding' was a dream as a director. He not only physically transformed himself for the role of 'Diego,' but did plenty of emotional preparation as well. Once on set, because of his preparedness, we were able to move rather quickly given our many our many production constraints. As an actor he is intuitive, sensitive, funny and professional. He's also tremendously down-to-earth and a team player, which helped on a small production like ours. I truly look forward to having the opportunity to work with him again!"

Claudia Cifuentes - Writer/Director - New York, NY


"Having worked with Nick for twelve years on various projects, I continue to be surprised by his ability to understand and dissect both story and character within my writing, an ability that most actors do not possess. He makes acting look easy and it's his natural cognition that improves the overall quality of the project and that's why I continue to attach him to everything I direct."

Stuart Altman - Writer/Director - Los Angeles, CA


"Working with Nick is a joy because he is both a very professional actor who wants to incarnate the director's vision and an active collaborator, who sees the project from the creator's perspective. He gave me the impetus to make my film, found an excellent comedic actress to be his co-star and gave all his energy to make every moment on set run smoothly. I can only hope that life will allow us to keep making films together that will make the whole world laugh. Nick's wit, hard work and wonderful attitude are priceless."

Isabel Custer - Writer/Director - Santiago, Chile